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MYW Roots

Fundamentals of myofascial work and the use of the yoga wheel.

Theory on myofascia on the most common postural problems.

Examples of how to correct postural problems through Yoga Wheel. Examples of exercises with video tutorials.

Videos with examples and analysis of the muscles used.

What is included?

PDF, VIDEOS and 2 hours private lesson. 

To get the YACEP 20 hour credits credits you have to complete a test and do a video of your teaching

Duration: 20 hours

Materiale gratuito

Sitted Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

muscles in eccentric contraction: extensors and flexors of the spine, rotators, transversus, obliques, rotator cuff, coracobraquali, pectoral minor, brachial biceps, quadriceps, psoas, rectum, pectineus.

distended muscles:  twins, tensor fascia lata, twins, soleus

work intensity: less intense than the standing version. In any case, it requires balance and abdominal stability to maintain balance on the wheel

changes: this position is already the facilitated version of the standing version.

benefits: elongation and distension of the entire posterior main chain.