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YogArmony with YogaWheel

One hour class of MYW YogArmony class. The student choose a music and gets a yogawheel coreo with that song. 

With the YogaWheel you can create choreographies to the beat of music.

This combined style of dance and Yoga / YogaWheel is called YogArmony.

It starts from basic yoga steps and then comes to integrate the YogaWheel in order to create captivating and original choreographies.

YogArmony lessons require a good dose of musicality, flexibility and coordination therefore it is more suitable for advanced intermediate level users.

Duration: 1.30 h

Materiale gratuito

YogArmony Demo

Yogarmony is a mix between dance and Yoga. it is a style that uses music and can be practiced free body or with tools that are used in yoga practice. The positions used are typical of yoga asanas but mixed and linked together through floorwork steps.