About MYW program

The MYW project was born in 2018 from a collaboration between several people and the idea of ​​Ilaria Cellura , Yoga, Pilates and AntiGravity instructor. For many years in the sports world he has been working with gyms and yoga centers for a long time.

From 2018 president of the sports association Fly High Mallorca manages the center located in Palma de Mallorca. The project was created following a concrete need in the world of fitness: having a program for the use of Yoga Wheel.

This beautiful and powerful instrument is still little known. The idea is to expand its use not only as a support to yoga classes, but making it the protagonist of the lesson.

Working for years in collaboration with physiotherapists.

The professional relationship with the fisiotherapist Maurizio Di Benedetto is particularly consolidated. Maurizio, a well-known professional with a holistic vision of the human body, has speeches around the world and collaborates in the development of the text for biomechanics and anatomy.

Ilaria has decided to create the MYW program after having achieved a good knowledge of the tools to help people improve their posture and find relief through gymnastics.

Already many workshops have been held around Italy. If you have a center and are interested in a workshop or training, look at the benefits reserved for you and ask us information.

Many have tried our classes and at the Fitness fair in Rimini there was a strong response and appreciation: many were the colors that have tried the classes MYW.

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