Myofascial Yoga Wheel TTC

Why take part in a Myofascial Yoga Wheel teacher training course?

Here is the presentation of this specialization course for Yoga, fitness or pilates instructors. In the SHOP section you can also fine some FREE VIDEOS that shows how MYW works.

In the Myofascial Yoga Wheel training course we want to bring attention to the use of the yoga wheel to improve the work and structure of the myofascia, fundamental for the well-being of our body. In fact it, often stressed by several factors, very easily loses the correct posture. With the Myofascial Yoga Wheel course we will study together how to correct and improve the tension of our muscles to have a healthy and aligned body.

The Myofascial Yoga Wheel training course is certified with the YACEPs credits of YOGA ALLIANCE

The technical scientific part has been realized in collaboration with MDBStudio of one of the best physiotherapists in the Italian panorama and which holds conferences at a global level on times that are always very current concerning welfare in general.

The Yoga Wheel is a tool used to make yoga asanas and exercises inspired by yoga, but it is also widely used for postural exercises and can be integrated into Pilates and HIIT classes.

They have become increasingly popular, though still not very widespread, because they can be used to stretch and release the back, neck and shoulder muscles, as well as the hip flexors. They can also be used to make balance positions more complex and put us to the test.

There are different heights and their use is varied according to need. Their key point is to be very versatile tools and that in a few sessions can achieve more results than other tools.

Sometimes the yoga wheels are used to make the positions more intense and, at times, they are used to make the balance on the arms more accessible and for the beginners to reach basic figures. The main benefits are in releasing tension and improving flexibility. They can also improve balance, proprioception and core strength.


The formation of MYW

  • Yoga teachers who want to get a specialization in Yoga Wheel.
  • Pilates / fitness instructors who want to improve their know-how and core stability


  • The student will receive text material and an Yoga Wheel
  • We offer a detailed pdf manual with illustrations
  • Video material to create classes


MYW ROOTS: Fundamentals of myofascial work and the use of the yoga wheel. Duration: 20 hours spread over 2 days

MYW POWER and TONE: work on muscle strengthening through the yoga wheel Duration: 10 hours

MYW ACROWHEEL: couple work and acrobatic with the yoga wheel. Duration: 10 hours


If you have your own center and want to organize workshops or training courses at your center, send us an email to get a quote and information on the methods!

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