YogArmony: Yoga and dance fusion

YogArmony is a new style, hybrid between dance, floorwork and yoga. The passages between one asana and another are fluid, dynamic and to the rhythm of music. YogArmonyis a style that can be used with vinyasa classes or with the Yoga wheel, creating very elegant and dynamic choreography.

YogArmony classes do not require you to be an expert yogi, but they do require a lot of love for rhythm, dance and music.

During the YogArmony lessons, flows are created exactly like in vinyasa to compose a choreography, which are then put on a musical base to create a very exciting and engaging dance-yoga.

In YogArmonythe structure of the vinyasa is not altered, nor its benefits, nor the breath which remains the same as that of classical yoga. The only difference is the duration of the asanas based on the music and the passages between them that become real dance movements.

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